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Your business needs a website that gives a visitor the best impression, that yours is the business they need to buy from. 

We can make your website accessible but also beautiful. 


Web design is one of those things, where a great idea in your head can be frustratingly difficult to bring to life on a website.

We have designed many websites for our clients, as well and hundreds of others over the years, and we think we’re pretty good at it now. The first step is to listen to what our clients want, so we can properly interpret the brief, making sure the design is checked throughout the process, and delivering a site that blows the clients’ socks off. 

Your website is very much an extension of your business, and therefore it needs to convey the right messaging and put forward the image you want. Are you a young company, targeting free spirited among the world? A professional services type website might not be right for you. Equally, if you are a solicitor, an accountant or a dentist, you probably don’t want to go too heavy on the ‘we’re fun, we love a laugh’ approach. I want my solicitors, accountants and dentists to be business first, and professional, ok a little fun can creep in if you like. 


This is one area where you will be streets ahead of us – nobody knows your business better than you do. Even though we do everything we can to listen to you and learn about your business, we will never know the ins and outs and nuances of it. The special little bits you do to help your customers, the little added value bits that set you apart from your competitors. You know all of that, and therefore it makes sense that you are the one that creates the main body of written content. 

As with everything, we are here to help. If you need a gentle push in the right direction, that’s fine – and included in the price. If you would like us to rewrite anything you make, that’s fine too! 

If you have existing content, we can optimise that for you so that it has increased SEO value – we can also optimise any new content you create for the site before it is launched too. 


If you have your own images for your business – photos or illustrations – that’s fabulous, and these can be used on your website. We always recommend using the best looking pictures you can, camera phones are a lot better these days and should be fine for action shots or ‘meet the team’ shots. 

Where you are using images that have not been created by you, or purchased by you, there is a potential minefield of copyright claims and the accompanying fines. You see a picture on Google Images and think “that ill look great on the latest blog post” and then, the next day, 3 weeks or even 3 years later you get an email from Getty Images saying the image is copyrighted, and you now owe them a ridiculous figure somewhere in the £800 region!  This can obviously put quite the dampener on your day, so to best avoid it we would never use unlicensed images when building your site. We will also help you find the sites where you can get the best ‘royalty free’ images that are licensed for commercial use. Let’s keep Getty Images at bay, eh?


Why tlma?

We would love to work with you, to get your business firing on all digital cylinders and reaching more customers. There is only one question that remains – why should you put your hard earned money our way? You’ve probably never heard of us and now here we are telling you about exciting opportunities in local marketing you may be missing out on. 

Well, I started tlma with the express vision of servicing local businesses – not just those local to me, but those around the country that are serving their local communities. Why? Because I believe that a community needs local businesses to thrive. The high street has never faced bigger challenges, but there are businesses that have so much potential. They provide such fantastic products and services to their customers, they just need more customers coming through the door to make the next step towards sustainability – where they can continue to serve their communities for years to come. 

I have spent too much time in larger agencies at sales pitches and client meetings with clients with huge budgets, where honesty, integrity and clarity were in too short supply. I don’t want that for tlma, or our clients. I want to celebrate local businesses, delivering their products and services to their local communities with pride. 

I appreciate that smaller businesses will not have the gigantic budgets that my clients from a previous life had – but there ARE opportunities available for SMEs, that are frequently overlooked by agencies because the margins are not high enough. Instead, the smaller businesses are treated with disdain, provided basic services and are overcharged for them – sounds preposterous, right? It happens. Hundreds of pounds for a single page website with little to no optimisation. Social media campaigns run by automated systems, that aren’t really much more sophisticated than an excel sheet with some formulas in it. It beggars belief, that local businesses do not receive the level of service they deserve. Well, that is no longer the case – the local marketing agency is here for local businesses. We work with you to find out what opportunities are right for your business – we will focus on the ones that are likely to provide the best return, and then build out from there. We won’t promise the Earth, but we don’t charge it either. What we can promise is to give you the benefit of our years of industry experience, to help you achieve better performance online. 

So, if you are interested, please get in touch.

Thank you,

Chris Naughton
Managing Director of the local marketing agency


Proudly serving our clients, helping them to grow

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