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This is where it can all go a bit like The Matrix. Ones and Zeroes, code, php, html and numerous other acronyms that haunt the dreams of a business owner without any experience in them. So is this really a big , insurmountable block? Of course it isn’t!

We work with you to get a feel of your business and understand your philosophy, then we add in the code, titles, alts, headers and more. Combined, this on-site SEO makes sure your site is in good working order, and is presenting the data exactly how Google wants to see it. 

As you can imagine, Google has quite a few websites to trawl through, collecting data and making decisions on who is the most relevant. So, Google likes it when sites do all they can to make their job as easy as possible. Having everything setup correctly, following along with Google’s ‘Best Practice’ guidelines – that’s a sure-fire way to keep the big G happy, and then it is like a ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ situation. 

Fixing the on-site SEO won’t get you ranking in position one, ahead of Amazon, but it does build the solid foundations for your site, so that when you add content it gets seen quicker. It gets processed and evaluated, quicker. The positive results from the quality content you put on your site are bigger, and they happen faster. So it really is a great way to build for the future, and that is why we highly recommend it. 

On-site SEO is included as part of our broader SEO package, or can be purchased as a standalone product – entirely up to you. It does help the other areas to have more impact, more quickly though, so it is always our suggestion to get the package. 

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