Carbon Dioxide Saving Calculator

We plant 10 mangrove trees per product sold, whether that is our most affordable product or not. 
For every monthly product sold, we plant 10 trees every month for the duration that you stay with us. 

This calculator shows you the total saving of CO2 you have achieved by being our client. Thank you for helping us to help all of us. 

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What does this mean?

Saving this many kgs of CO2... Is the equivalent of... What does this look like?
1000 (1 tonne) The emissions produced by driving a diesel car 3,700 miles 500 fire extinguishers!
2000 (2 tonnes) Charging a smartphone 240,000 times Two hot air balloons
5000 (5 tonnes) Powering 3.25 homes for a whole year The worlds 4th tallest tree!
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